This page is a collection of different feedback I have received for my work.

Brilliant video. The thing I rate it most for is assumes very little knowledge of Umbraco so therefore you explain a lot more than other videos which just show you the steps and assume you know why that step needs to be taken

Thank you for this, I'm currently learning Umbraco for a new job and this has been incredibly helpful :)

The last time I was as confused as I was after reading up a bit about Umbraco, was when I first encountered regular expressions. Your videos cleared all that chaos up and gave me a solid foundation of knowledge. Thank you very much for the time and effort, it's much appreciated.

Thanks Paul for this video. Its very simple and detailed and you helped me in getting started with Umbraco. Keep doing good work.....

I felt v.reassured as you guided us through some more complex concepts

Hello Paul, It is articles like this one that makes it fun to get in to UMBRACO, really nice, i saw a minute of the video and then realized that your article is so splendid that it was possible to copy paste and modify in a few minuttes.... Thnx a lot, keep on the good work

Just as long as mother-in-law is happy, then we can keep going! Good work.

Thank you. It was very thorough and entertaining. Excellent video! Subscribed

Hi Paul. This series of videos are really helpful and really informative.