How to create a responsive website without knowing how to write code - Bootstrap Studio

Posted by Paul Seal on March 15, 2017 Resources

Introducing Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap studio lets you build fully responsive websites without having to know how to write CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

You can literally create a new page, add a navigation, header, footer, carousel, content, news list, features, team member profiles, and loads more.

Edit it all, save it and it even lets you publish through the program, or you could just export it and host it yourself.

It's so easy to use with drag and drop controls. You can easily change the order of elements, put elements inside another.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a great framework for creating fast, responsive websites.

You can customise the theme, the animation, everything. You can even edit the HTML, CSS and JavaScript yourself if you want.

You can create a custom Bootstrap theme here without needing to know CSS. You can then use that theme in Bootstrap Studio.

Watch my video

I made a video about it, showing you what you can do with it.

Watch on YouTube

Where can I get it?

Go to

You can run it on Windows, linux and Mac.

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing this article it is on sale at 50% discount. There are 2 options for buying it:

1. Standard license $50 $25 (£21)

This allows you to get free upgrades for a year.

2. Lifetime license $120 $60 (£50)

This allows you to free upgrades for a lifetime.