I built this site to enable me to share code, knowledge and useful resources with a wider audience. You will see a lot about Umbraco, MVC and C#, but I cover lots of other topics too.  You can use the search page or the category filters on the blog page to find useful posts. Feel free to share the posts with others, in fact I encourage you to.

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Latest blog posts

Regular Expression (regex) for a number greater than 1200

In case you are looking for a regex to find a number greater than 1200 or something similar, I though I would post it so you can alter it for your needs.

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How to fix Font Awesome WebFont woff2 not found

If you are getting the error fontawesome-webfont.woff2?v=4.6.3 not found but you definitely know you have the file, here is how to fix it in IIS.

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Switch between ajax and post back in the same form

I realised that I needed to change the mode of the form depending on which button was pressed. So I came up with this bit of javascript/jquery.

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How to get the file path of a media item in umbraco

This post shows you how to get the file path of the item so you can use it for the src of an image or as a link to a document.

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Most popular posts

10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer

Here are my top 10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer

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Please tell me you don't write if true equals true

It drives me crazy when I see code where someone is checking a boolean to see if it is true or not and they write it like this.

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10 FREE, highly useful, tools for web developers

Over the years I have found many useful free tools to help me in my job as a Web Developer. In this post, I share 10 of my favourite free tools with you so you can get the benefit of them too.

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10 tips for being outstanding in an interview

Here are my 10 tips for being outstanding in an interview.

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