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What is TDD? How to get started with Test Driven Development

This post gives you an introduction into Test Driven Development. It uses a simple, real world example to show you how to get started.

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3 Features of ES7 (and Beyond) That You Should Be Using, Now

JavaScript is anything but a "static" language (pun intended). It seems everything is changing - even the naming of releases has changed, with years marking the language version. But which features you can use now? Or Soon? It isn't always obvious, but there a…

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How to create a custom Html Helper Extension Method in MVC and Umbraco

This post shows you how you can create a custom Html Helper Extension Method for your own Umbraco and MVC projects.

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How to create and publish a website from scratch in 10 minutes using Bootstrap Studio

In this video, I show you how you can create a website from scratch using Bootstrap Studio, and publish it for free with Microsoft Azure, all in just 10 minutes. Did I mention I also integrated it with GitHub for Continuous Deployment at the same time?

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10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer

Here are my top 10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer

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Please tell me you don't write if true equals true

It drives me crazy when I see code where someone is checking a boolean to see if it is true or not and they write it like this.

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10 FREE, highly useful, tools for web developers

Over the years I have found many useful free tools to help me in my job as a Web Developer. In this post, I share 10 of my favourite free tools with you so you can get the benefit of them too.

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