How to make money from your blog

In this post I share 6 ways which you can make money from your blog.

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Umbraco setup and pair programming with Paul Seal and Joe Zack

In this video I show Joe Zack how to get started with Umbraco and we create a page which generates a new password every time it loads

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What is the Microsoft Botframework and, more importantly, what is LUIS?

This posts tells you about the Microsoft Botframework, and focuses mainly on the star of the show LUIS.

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What does the term dogfooding mean?

There are certain terms in the software industry which you may hear for the first time and immediately understand their meaning. For instance, backdoor; a hidden method of gaining access to a computer system. The term dogfooding is not an obvious one. This pos…

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5 ways to learn a new programming language or framework

If you are looking for ways to learn a new programming language or framework, here are my 5 suggestions

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