Developer Question - Passion or Profession?

I want to hear from other developers to find out if they see their job as a developer/programmer as just their job which they turn up for and go home, or whether they are extremely passionate about it, and it is part of who they are.

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What is the Microsoft Botframework and, more importantly, what is LUIS?

This posts tells you about the Microsoft Botframework, and focuses mainly on the star of the show LUIS.

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What is a humans.txt file?

A humans.txt file is a simple text file which gives credit to the people behind building the site.

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Manage your workload and productivity in one place with Trello

Trello is a fantastic tool for managing your workload in one place. You can use it record your ideas and track those ideas through a process as they develop into real actions.

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How to create a custom Slack integration using webhooks

This post gives you the code and simple instructions on how to create your own custom integration for slack, written in .NET C#

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10 FREE, highly useful, tools for web developers

Over the years I have found many useful free tools to help me in my job as a Web Developer. In this post, I share 10 of my favourite free tools with you so you can get the benefit of them too.

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